Hello. My name is Dawnri.

I'm an artist living in San Clemente, a small beach town along the coast of Southern California. 

This little blog is where I share my passion for all things art and design, take you on adventures throughout California, and occasionally tell you stories about beach town life. Click to read my latest blog post or continue reading to learn more...

Journal Spread 2015

A Passion for Art and Design
Art has been a driving force throughout my life.  As soon as I picked up my first crayon, I knew what my life's calling was. When I was little, I created handmade gifts, drew cartoons and wrote silly poems for friends and family.

My interests are in a constant state of evolution. I'm energized when experimenting with several types of art forms.  My current focus is on mixed media and art journaling. 


Finding Inspiration
My greatest source of inspiration comes from seeing the work of other artists.  

What excites me the most about making art is the journey of process. Finding inspiration, roughing out ideas, resolving frustration, changing direction - traveling that winding road to the final result.

Living the Dream
Living near a beach has always been a dream of mine and in the spring of 2015, I decided to make it happen.

I sold my home in Minneapolis, MN, where I had lived for 20 years, packed up the pooch and headed out west. 2 years, 3 jobs and 4 apartment moves later, I finally arrived at my dream destination...a small beach town along the coast of Southern California.

Why I blog
I created this blog for people who like to virtually travel and get insights about daily life in another area of the world from a local perspective. This blog will take you on a journey through San Clemente and other Southern California destinations.

I also created this blog out of love for all my creative peeps out there.  I hope by sharing art and design in various forms by a variety of artists, you are inspired to create art yourself.  

Love, art and peace, 💕


Copyright: All content on this site, including but not excluded to: photos, artwork, and poetry is originally produced and owned by me unless credited otherwise. Please request permission before copying or reproducing any of it, in any format or context.